Amazing experience!

by Gina


I agree with the other reviews- Christopher changed my life! In 32 years, I've always fought my natural curly hair. I've never had a hair cut or color that worked with my curls until Christopher! He is so skilled and knowledgeable and patient! I truly appreciate all of the education I received. My experience with Christopher was definitely a game changer!


my daughter's deva cut

by stacey


My daughter received the best haircut she has ever gotten with her long curly hair! Christopher spent a lot of time educating my 16 year old daughter on how to take care of her hair, products to use, and techniques for styling her hair. He was very patient and very informative and just what she needed. I learned also from this session and will try his informative techniques on my own curly hair. I am looking forward to making my next haircut appointment with Christopher as I was impressed with the results of my daughters hair. I feel my daughter will now stop sporting the pony tail look and will now embrace her curls based upon the education she received with Christopher.


Curls that look fantastic!

by Kris


Christopher is wonderful. I was stuck in a cut and color routine that killed my curls. I had no idea a DevaCurl cut by Christopher would change it so drastically even after the first cut. Christopher is just amazing in what he knows about curls. My first session was very educational. The best part is that I can do it all by myself! You can end up with the same salon quality curls at home by following Christopher's simple instructions. And he doesn't overwhelm you with products. Three products (shampoo, conditioner and gel). That simple. Actually get complements from complete strangers. Would strongly recommend going to Christopher.


Helpful and talented!

by Saira


Searched far and wide for a DevaCurl Stylist and found Christopher by chance. Had to drive an hour and a half to get to him but it was well worth it. Not only did he give me a great haircut, but was patient and so helpful. The time he took to teach me how to do my hair shows his dedication to his craft. It's been about 6 weeks since my haircut and I STILL keep getting compliments about my cut! I Strongly recommend!


Happy Hair!

by Lorenda


Christopher was recommended by a friend as the stylist to go to for help with my curly hair "issues'. My first appointment made me realize why; Christopher was easy to talk to, did a great cut that brought back life to my hair, and explained every step of the DevaCurl cut and product process. I love the product and love having Christopher as my stylist. I highly recommend him for your next "curly" cut.


Everything changed with Christopher

by Ann


My experience with hair stylists has been fair to poor until I met Christopher. He not only had tremendous talent with deva cut but is extremely intuitive and understands my deepest concerns and councils me to consider change. My husband said he has never known me to love my hair! He is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to and for him


christopher is wonderful

by Emma


I have very short curly hair. I got a cut that I love in a different city with a different DevaCurl expert. When I moved to Pittsburgh and realized how few DevaCurl Specialists are here I got nervous that I wouldn't be able to keep my tresses up! Then I made an appointment with Christopher. He has saved my favorite haircut!- and has a ton of new ideas for a girl who likes her curls short. I am so thankful for Christopher, and I encourage everyone else with curly hair to stop by Salon Vivace to see him!!


Christopher changed my life . . . And I'm not kidding!

by Lisel


If you have curly hair and live in Pittsburgh, drive very, very fast to salon vivace and meet Christopher. I cannot tell you how many people, professional and personal, have been wowed by my hair since I put it in Christopher's care. (Even a hard-to-impress nyc friend was impressed!) I was never good at staying on a good hair care routine, but Christopher changed all that. I never, never thought my hair could look this good!Christopher spends so much time with me and he is a consummate professional. No one has ever been this talented and careful with my hair. I'm hooked, and I'm not easy to hook! My only regret is that I didn't find christopher sooner!



by Janine


I had my first deva curl cut/style yesterday with Christopher, and he was wonderful. He was very informative and a wonderful teacher! Christopher took so much time explaining each step to ensure my complete understanding, so that I can recreate the results at home. Usually after a haircut I would have to go home a rewash and restyle my hair, not this time, My curls have never looked better!! Thank you Christopher!!! I second the above reviewer, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!? If you have curly hair, and live in the Pittsburgh area...You HAVE to schedule a consultation with him, trust me when I say, "You won't be sorry!"Thank you Christopher!!


Love, love, love it.....

by Cindy


Christopher is the best of the best, and he truly understands curly hair. His passion for curly hair and the DevaCurl cut and products are beyond words. He explains everything in detail and his consultation was outstanding. I bought all the DevaCurl products and wondered if I could get the same result myself. I am very happy to say, that my hair looks wonderful and I was able to achieve the same look that Christopher gave me in the salon. Christopher, where have you been all my life?If you have curly hair, you MUST schedule an appointment with Christopher. You will be thrilled and as happy as I am.Thank you Christopher.

Christopher is a curly girl's best friend

by Jenn


I had a wonderful experience with Christopher last weekend. He took the time to listen to me and my goals, and was very conscious of the fact that I can't tolerate strong fragrances in my products. He found the perfect solutions for me and gave me an awesome cut to shape my curls and keep my length. He spent time explaining how to "encourage" my curls to do their thing and making sure that I could reproduce the results at home. My results were fantastic and I am having so much fun playing with my new cut and my springier curls! Thanks for everything Christopher!!! Can't wait to do it again!


Best in all of Pittsburgh

by Alison


I have had cuts by almost all of the Deva inspired/trained stylists in the Pittsburgh area and the cut I go this past weekend with Christopher was far and away the best! So easy to recreate the look myself and I've received tons of compliments on my cut. I've definitely found my permanent stylist!


by Cheryl


Christopher is amazing. While I am impressed with the product line, any style truly begins with the cut. At my 1st appointment he cut my hair dry - I thought, finally someone who knows wavy/curly hair. While keeping current with cuts/coloring options in order to offer new looks, he always manages to make it “my look.” His presentation/explanation of the product line was superior. I am finally able to appreciate my wavy/curly hair in my 60’s!


Awesome experience and value

by Rebecca


I had my first Deva Curl cut and style today with Christopher. It was fantastic. I've paid triple the cost at high end salons all over Pittsburgh but this was the first time I felt someone really "got" what to do with my hair. Christopher's patience and explanations were worth way more than I paid at the end. Highly recommend.



by Hockey mom


I came in to see Christopher hoping he could put to rest my curiosity about my potentially wavy hair. Well, Christopher was incredible! He is patient and attentive, and with a focus on education as much as styling, he taught me how to deal with my newly discovered waves. I love every aspect of my experience with Christopher and will be happily returning.


Best Haircut Ever!

by NMS


I have extremely curly, coarse, long hair. I avoided salons for years because stylists couldn't handle it and I would usually leave in tears, with an awful cut. But Christopher changed all that! I recommend him for anyone with curls. If he can make mine look great, there are no curls too crazy for him to handle. Only stylist I'll see in Pittsburgh.


New life for old Hair

by Dre_in_PA


At Christopher's urging I remained conservative about taking off length. Glad I did. My daughter says its like I had a hair transplant! I think its like being twenty-something again- only no POUF. Maintenance time is down, and I'm only doing my hair every 2-3 days, so overall the styling products (which are not key but DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE) are not a huge budget drain.



by shannon


I walked in with super long hair and walked out with the short curly bob I wanted. I was always nervous about getting a short cut with my curls, but Christopher understood exactly what I wanted and we've been playing with my curls ever since!


christopher rocks the curls

by Suz


I already had a good cut - Christopher gave a a great cut!! And while I usually shy away from salon recommended products I went back after trying to use what I had on hand and switched to the devacurl products. Now a quick spritz and my hair is good to go for at least 3 days !



by Alisa


Christopher is so positive and upbeat, and made me feel so comfortable with the deva cut styling process. He took his time to learn all about my hair so that I got a truly customized cut. He's wonderful!


Great Curls!

by Krista


I recommend Christopher to all my fellow curlies! Christopher does a great job listening to what I want and actually explained my cut before he did it. It was very refreshing! He also is great at teaching you about your curls. My curls look great and I've got a simple system for my mom-on-the-go lifestyle.

Beth R.

This guy knows hair! Not just curly hair, but hair health, scalp, head shape etc. And it's amazing what he can do with curls. Thank you Christopher!

(facebook review)

Jamilka B.

Christopher was wonderful! Full of knowledge, technique and my hair looks and feels fantastic. He takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs and what you want from your hair style. After 10 years living in Pittsburgh I have finally found my stylist. Thanks!

(facebook review)

Kendra K.

Christopher has been my only hair stylist for years now. Every single time I leave Christopher's I feel amazing and could not be happier with my hair style. Christopher is always studying the new trends, educating himself on new techniques, and always has new ideas whenever I sit down with him. I recommend him to everyone I know, truly a GREAT stylist!

(facebook review)


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