Pittsburgh's Curly Hair Specialist

         An appointment with Christopher, Pittsburgh's Curly Hair Specialist, will forever change how you view and care for your curly hair! Empowered by his education and access to Rene Furterer's high quality products, he can take new clients from overprocessed and heat damaged hair to hydrated, shiny, and naturally curly hair. What Christopher cherishes most is watching clients confidence and excitment develop. 

         Christopher's curly hair services set him apart from the rest. Due to his emphasis on thorough one on one consultation with each client, he learns how to best bring his clients' curls to life. Christopher believes that scalp health goes hand in hand with curly hair care success. He performs a scalp analysis, a hair analysis and starts to provide a customized curl education right from the very start.

        By combining the Deva Curl method of cutting curly hair with the countless haircutting methods from industry leaders, Christopher utilizes his own style of cutting curly hair that delivers the curls most desired. Christopher believes in educating each client on curl management, on curl enhancement techniques for at home use and on selecting hair products that are right the individual curls. The hair cut, a proper curl education and understanding why a product is right for the client is the combination that is key to producing beautiful curls. 

     His professional goal is that each client gains not only new knowledge and skills for their hair, but the confidence and the ability to duplicate and explore their own style as it continues to evolve.




5513 Walnut Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Tel: 412-452-0702


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Monday:       Closed

Tuesday:       1pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 10am - 7pm

Thursday:    11am - 7pm

Friday:          9am - 5pm

Saturday:      9am - 5pm

Sunday:       Closed


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